This is a True Story

Once upon a time, there was a boy who perceived things others couldn't. People rarely understood or believed the strange things he told them so he built a magical Kingdom in his mind where he could hide from the cruelty of those who didn't believe him.

He consulted with wisemen, wizards, healers — even charletons and theives! He learned many clever and powerful things but, alas, no one could teach him how to show others what he saw. Time passed and the boy grew into a miserable hermit, aged long beyond his years, living in his own world.

One rather gloomy day, he slipped and fell inside his own mind. Trapped, alone — and very frightened, he called for help, finally weeping the tears of a lifetime.

Then, the unimaginable happened! An annoyingly cheery voice filled the hallways in his mind…

“ Hi! I'm Penny! I live here and you've been, like, being a real bummer for a wicked long time. Listen, this hermit crap is stupid and we can do really cool stuff! Wait till the people see! I'm so 'cited! Plus, you smell and I require bubble baths 'cuz I decided I'm a Princess!”

… she hasn't left him alone (or shut her mouth) since. Not for one damned minute.

Today, Christopher Penny are a co-conscious, Boston-area performance artist, specializing in the realms of magic, mentalism, & deception for entertainment. They consider perception to be their primary medium and reality their canvas.

What in the… what?!

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Christopher Penny says Penny doesn't exist but she says he lies!