Christopher Penny


Who is Christopher Penny?
Magician Christopher Penny

Hi! It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Christopher Penny, a magician in the Boston area, based out of Westford, MA. I began studying magic and mentalism as a child (like most magicians) and credit most of my skills to my upbringing. I was raised on a steady diet of puzzles, riddles, and art. I have been obsessively refining my gifts for over a decade and am lucky enough to call a select handful of the world's best known magicians friends and personal mentors.

In social environments I bring an arsenal of mental tricks, psychological poetry, and deceptions with playing cards. My personal goal is to leave everyone I meet with new doorways opened in their mind and a smile on their face.

Christopher Penny

You Need Magic

Say goodbye to the top hats and bunnies.
We are a whole new kind of magic.

Bars & Clubs

Invite a “secret guest” to your bar or club and give your patrons a brand new experience. Christopher Penny loves to entertain and amaze the night owls; enhancing the experience and environment you already provide. A magician as a regular guest brings more life to a slow night and turns a regular night out into a story people will tell their friends — leaving your name ringing in their ears.


It can be a struggle to plan a party these days. Everyone expects something new, something different, and certainly not the ho-hum shindigs of yesteryear. We'd love to work together with you to create a surprising and creative event for any occassion. As a “secret guest” or hired entertainment, Christopher Penny takes the ordinary and spins it on its head every time.


Forget the clichè restaurant magicians in your head. How would you like to see magic in your restaurant? Christopher Penny knows the food service industry inside and out. We can work together with staff to time polite and magical moments, surprises for favorite guests, participatory stage shows, or even perform undercover to serve up delicious memories. They are your guests and that is what's important.